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Wargame: AirLand Battle

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enigma1933 Mar 14, 2014 @ 11:18am
My Soviet Tactic in Game
hello guys, i do not play this game for long but i tried a lot with different units and decks and fount out the best solution after i looked some gameplay videos from good players:

my tactic in the past was:

i sended tanks t72 with AA to the front

-they are too slow, the enemy takes positions before tanks arrive
- it costs time
- enemy could form defense line with Inf AA, Helos, Anti TAnks atgm


+ I use mobile Inf as beginning main attack froce, to take forward front line positions
+ ressources must not be wasted to take strong positions (in later game)

I have a deck with soviet vdv inf, I put them into helos (Mi24?), and set them in buildings very near to the enemy at strategic points (cross road) for example. Then i resupply my troops with cheap AA the OSA 9K33 4 (i use 4 units same time) rockets + Buck + OSA Infrared AA (to counter every Nato Air Ride)

+ I Use strela, and then im quite save from nato air raids, after this, i attack from my front position. With the whole deck

The Helos from the Inf transport i use to defend enemy attacks (works well)
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Uncle Urkel Mar 14, 2014 @ 11:12pm 
The general early game meta is to use helicopter borne shock infantry and ATGM squads to secure strong points in the middle of the map (this varies with maps ofc). The shock infantry hold the line while the ATGM's pick off any vehicles the enemy may have. This typically incurs great losses on the enemy's initial force and is enough to hold out until your main force of tanks backed by mobile AA arrive. Napalm bombers could easily wreck this strategy, but you should open up with fighters to stop this. So yeah, looks like you got the right idea.

Speaking as a 80% PACT player (mostly USSR), I used to use Mi-24's to bring in my infantry, but switched to Mi-8T's and now use those almost exclusively. The points you save on those is enough to invest in a potent air superiority fighter that can defend your early game helicopter movements from hostile jets, and engage important targets like enemy AA helos and transports that could foil your landings. Team co-operation is critical to ensure a trouble-free insertion, as the enemy is likely to deploy their own fighters and AA helicopters to stop you. Try to get your teammate to get a fighter or two along with you to annihilate the enemy's fighters and helis and secure the initiative with devastating effectiveness.

Mi-8T's and Mi-24's are really nice for their added firepower that wrecks every early game enemy movement... unless they have AA helis, then you are screwed unless your fighters get them early on or your Mi-24's out number them sufficiently.

Do not use the regular OSA trucks, the OSA AK ( not AKM ) is the most cost effective OSA you can buy, get one batch of two early game. Also the 2K22M tunguska-M is almost mandatory if you are bringing up any sort of armor as it outranges every NATO helicopter based ATGM and is not SEAD-counterable if you turn the 30mm guns off. You should always have a Tunguska-M around your main force as it nullifies NATO gunship usage which will allow your heavy tanks free reign of the battle. I only deploy the Buk-M1 as a counter to the Nighthawk or to stun/kill bombers before they get their ordnance off, but two OSA-AK's are almost ALWAYS the better choice, and should be the bread and butter of your air defence along with Igla/Strela MANPADs.

Your main initial land force should consist of 2-4 of the most cost effective medium-heavy tanks (T-64B, BM, BV1, BMP-685), two OSA-AK's, a Tunguska-M, MANPADS, a reserve of line infantry in fast transports or Konkurs equipped BMP-2's to relieve your helicopter-borne ones. Light fire support vehicles like the Zhalo and Norov are good if you are expecting a city fight and/or target saturation. These are not dead-solid rules of course, just what I prefer and should serve as a guideline. Experience will help you figure out what works best and why, as it already has.
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Abuse.Shadow Mar 15, 2014 @ 7:06am 
by cheap tanks @ rush to the forest
enigma1933 Mar 15, 2014 @ 7:56am 
With my defence tactic the enemy have a difficult time to take my positions because its well defended i show you a picture of my tactic and explain what i do First:

1. Place vdv inf in helicopters in the city (most important and cruical)
2 Secure mointans around with sappers
3. Place AA
4. Place Anti tank (ATGM)

use the LTB SHTURM rocket lauchner with 2800 m range, and hind it deep in your lines, place cheap tanks forward, when enemy column lines attacks, this thing takes a lot of tanks out before they can shoot you.

(help with Helos to defend Positions) near your AA.

Green Lines: Forrest (hide your units)
red line: enemy Movement
Yellow: Fire Orientation
Use Sappers to save woods from enemy Inf.
Spam AA to kill all enemy Air Attacks

+ let some jets patrol your area
+ kill enemy scout helos (they give Arty Information)

Look at picture to get a map view of my Idea


If they try to run against me i sometimes can get 2600 kill points but sometimes it does not work when they spam F117 (its OP in my opinion) esp in 10 vs 10
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enigma1933 Mar 15, 2014 @ 8:49am 
Edit: if the enemy cant get my position on ground they spam cheap bombers, and the soviet AA is not that precise so i have to reload my AA all the time

Be sure to be prepared to counter spam attack

for this use Su24 bomber and YAk 38 Napalm in your deck (i do always)

Problem of the tactic mobile Infantry in Helos:
This tactic can be countered with mass Attack Helos (but still it is possible to buy cheap fighters 4 x Mig 23M with 6 IR Rockets each) for 65 to kill enemy Helos - Solution 1

OR - Solution 2

send AA with wide range for Helos wait till they arrive

disembark your inf in save place - away from enemy range

and put then your Inf into buildings (when the Air is clear)

in every Option there are advandates and disadvantages

Additional Option 3

Send Napalm Tank to clear enemy cities in the early game
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