imrahil2 3月13日上午5:54
Red dragon preorder is up
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Evil Unk 3月13日上午5:56 
Ordered it yesterday!
Cant wait to try it out!
kenji89_PL 3月13日上午11:05 
You think Kim Jong-Un made his preorder already?:)
最后由 kenji89_PL 编辑于; 3月13日上午11:06
FINKFLOYD 3月13日下午7:30 
LMAO @ kenji...that's awesome.
Viss Valdyr 3月14日上午2:31 
Kim Jong-Un already ownes the game, and beat it after just 15 min!
12db State Variable Filter 3月14日上午4:06 
Boo I've no cash
julian554327 3月14日上午4:11 
Same though i'm grateful for them to even give any sort of discount i was hoping they would maybe add a 5-15% discount bonus for us players who owned EE.
Oh well yay hopefully i can get some cash before the special ends
最后由 julian554327 编辑于; 3月14日上午4:11
12db State Variable Filter 3月14日上午4:26 
£23 is cheap enough to beg it off a family member me thinks :/
Han Solo 3月16日下午7:25 
It's a great touch that they discount the game for WAB owners. Can't think of another company that gives you a price break on a sequel as thanks for buying the prior game.
Evil Unk 3月17日上午4:54 
Fallen Enchantress did that also. Smart move really. Smart for my wallet!
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