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Bungd-up 3月5日 20時20分
Your best WAB Screenshots!
Funny, cool, explodey, buggy, or anything else, WAB can lead to some good screen captures. Show em' off! I'd like to see em, and I'm sure others would too! I'll start with this one:


As you can see, errant hockey sticks getting caught in the rotors have long been an issue for Canadian troops being deployed via helicopter squadrons. Here we see a CH-135 and its crew and passengers suffering an all-too-common fate...
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julian554327 3月5日 21時18分 
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Bungd-up 3月5日 22時00分 
Go into your content section, where it shows your screenshots you've taken. Click the WAB screen you want, click 'comments and details', and right below the screen is a 'share' button. Copy the steam URL that comes up in the popup and post it here in a comment :)
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Arparso 3月5日 23時19分 
Drunk Russians flying... just the usual cluster♥♥♥♥ of units of a starting AI.

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Bungd-up 3月6日 0時09分 
That... That is a terrific picture XD
julian554327 3月6日 14時33分 
ah thanks for the help :)
Bungd-up 3月6日 14時38分 
No problem. Nice M48 column, by the way!
julian554327 3月6日 15時32分 
Bungd-up 3月6日 22時10分 
Mark.223 3月7日 15時44分 
Thanks guys, my Swedish Command Vehicle made it into the top favorites/all time category in artwork :D
Bungd-up 3月7日 22時53分 
Dem C1's knocked out more than a few Soviet tanks in my last match

SpitfireMK-Pony 3月8日 9時46分 

This was from the first half-decent deck I built, by myself back when i first started. A British deck with to few tanks, no airplanes, and way to much infantry (i think i had 100+ units of fusilers...)

But it was the first deck i won a battle with :P
1-14 / 14 のコメントを表示
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