Yurekin 2月21日上午11:55
We need more recruits!
We fight for freedom, for our homes and countries! Call your friends to protect democracy! (or destroy it) And remember, Federation need's you! (or whatever you are fighting for)
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Evil Unk 2月21日下午1:37 
Well I'm super motivated now! Where do I sign up?
Pyrophosphate 2月21日下午2:28 
Can I fight for fewer recruits?
Yurekin 2月22日上午2:41 
If you are against the war, you are against the federation! We need more fuel of war! Buy the game if you still dont have it and get your friend to buy it too. Join us today, and remember, army ensures your citizenship!
Stephen 2月22日上午10:19 
i want to join
FINKFLOYD 2月22日下午7:59 
I'm still trying to figure it all out..I need to read more. Badass game...Best RTS I've ever owned.
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