Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame: AirLand Battle

scottiraq 2014年2月21日上午8:19
observation about fighters
I just played a skirmish as I am still learning the game. I deployed two F15's to a spot on the map thinking that they would patrol and shoot at targets of opportunity they found. There were lots of choppers out and occasional Migs making a run at me. The F15's just flew in circles and never engaged anyone who was within range of them. Is this normal? I noticed my A-10's would circle and engage any vehicle the ventured into their range.

Scott in Kabul
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Mark 2014年2月21日上午9:18 
Strange, which version of the F-15 did you use?
Mhiester 2014年2月22日下午1:06 
You need to micromanage aircraft to use them effectively. They will shoot targets that get within their weapon envelope, but if ordered to move to a location, will circle it.

You need to order them to attack specific targets for them to pursue. This is also needed to attack ground targets with cannons and rockets. This is also needed in most cases to attack helicopters (all the time if you intend to do so with a gun)

Since you're still learning the game, remember to use the area attack command as much as possible for attacking ground targets, if LOS can easily be lost, as an aircraft will cancel its attack if you can't see the target that they were ordered to attack and merely fly over. This is bad since you won't drop bombs, and they won't evac automatically, which means the enemy can get a free kill with AA or interceptors
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