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Mark.223 2014年2月19日 14時19分
Red Dragon Infantry?
Hi guys, I noticed how in the preview of Red dragon, there are still ghost MGs on vehicles with no troops in them. Even worse, the troops still fight in Dunkin Donuts formation. I like this kind of detail, is it likely it will be improved before the release?
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Legatus Hamster 2014年2月19日 15時55分 
Probably not. Same engine as ALB. Don't think details like that have a high priority
Mark.223 2014年2月19日 16時12分 
k thanks.
RCMW 2014年2月19日 17時53分 
It would not be that hard to put infantry in a scattered formation and not a circle, hardly something beyond the engines capability or even adding anything to the GPU load. Its a shame because it really looks very silly next to the wonderful tanks and aircraft.
DasaKamov 2014年2月20日 12時46分 
The most honorable Sir Hamster の投稿を引用:
Probably not. Same engine as ALB. Don't think details like that have a high priority
Actually, I believe Red Dragon uses an updated engine which differs from the one used in ALB. In ALB, for example, water was simple un-traversable land with a different texture (as anyone who has seen their planes/copters slam into concrete-hard "water" can tell you). Water in Red Dragon is much more advanced, with destroyed ships slipping below the waves and amphibious vehicles able to "swim" rivers.

With all that said, I wouldn't be too surprised if infantry formations were also re-vamped -- it's a pretty common request. (I also wouldn't go by the early preview screenshots as anything set in stone, since the game is still several months away from release).
Mark.223 2014年2月20日 13時21分 
Awesome Caeser Salad! But is this going to be the only default formation? I would like to see multiple formations, maybe even the use of trees as cover? I also want to see the replay editor improved, or maybe a new feature where you can take 2 units and watch a 1 on 1 battle? As you can see, I like the finer details of the game and I am seriously not going to buy if its just another WALB (though I enjoy it)
SMEAGLEBUTCRACK 2014年2月20日 16時19分 
Aslong as Royal Marines can swim rivers i'll be happy
RustyNinja 2014年2月20日 18時06分 
Move out squad, donut formation!
Mark.223 2014年2月21日 13時22分 
troublmaker 2014年2月21日 13時34分 
Totally new engine. I hope I don't get in too much trouble for saying before the NDA gets lifted on Monday, there will be other formations to move in other than the donut shape.
Mark.223 2014年2月21日 19時07分 
YESSS! Probably buying then. It would be kind of funny if the troops swam in donut formation though lol.
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julian554327 2014年2月21日 21時19分 
They're just practicing for the swimming competion then :P
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