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Medintern 1 feb, ore 8:57
Being Disconnected from Every Server
Whenever I attempt to join a game it will let me join the lobby but will either disconnect me then or let me load into the game and disconnect me there. It has something to do with the online because I am able to run single player just fine.
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TG.ŊЏ | Shifu 1 feb, ore 9:39 
Does your firewall (check your router as well) block the game?
Tesserac 2 feb, ore 6:25 
Maybe your connection is not good enough.
NutsMammoth  [sviluppatore] 4 feb, ore 0:54 
Please contact the technical support of Eugen Systems by providing your Wargame key and your multiplayer account name by writing to: eugsupport [at] eugen.fr
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