Air Berzerk 1. feb kl. 8:17am
Where to report extreme chat misuse?
I would like report two player accounts for using the WargameALB chat to write extremely tasteless "jokes". Their names are "Nietzsche" and "Danbav2k7" and the comments they wrote would be considered legally punishable in my country. I'm used to a lot of trash talk in chats, but these two crossed a line there. I've placed screenshots of the comments in my steam screenshot folder. EUGEN please investigate.
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Air Berzerk 1. feb kl. 5:29pm 
Oprindeligt skrevet af ŊЏ | Shifu:

Thanks, Shifu. I'll set up an account and report the comments.
Air Berzerk 1. feb kl. 6:02pm 
Sorry, Husky. Didn't mean to delete your comment. But I read it and you're right. My bad.
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