jodellofcourt Jan 27, 2014 @ 6:05pm
Game is not patched to 1600
Still have original version, Steam didn`t update. Can anybody tell me why?. Verified cache and prioritized updates,exited steam,restarted steam and still no dice. Does anyone have a solution to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated,Thanx.
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sarayakat Jan 27, 2014 @ 7:20pm 
you didn't opt-in to the beta patches did you? Mine hadn't updated because off that. opted-out and it updated right away.
jodellofcourt Jan 28, 2014 @ 12:43am 
Well I checked it out and I`m already opted out. updated Steam and I still have v14. Its telling me I already have the latest DLC but I don`t. Still original ver.
∆ s t e я o i ∂ e Jan 28, 2014 @ 2:39am 
Mine is in v14 too. I don't know how to update it. Maybe my fps issues are related to this inconvenience?
∆ s t e я o i ∂ e Jan 28, 2014 @ 2:40am 
What are the beta patches btw?
jodellofcourt Jan 28, 2014 @ 3:53am 
Two patches v1579 and v1600
[FGL] Celmeo Jan 28, 2014 @ 4:46am 
Current version is
∆ s t e я o i ∂ e Jan 28, 2014 @ 5:03am 
jodellofcourt Jan 30, 2014 @ 9:54am 
Thanx Celmeo, I am current. Was looking at the first part of ver #. Dumb am I. Thanx again. Game seems to play alright with new patch also,no issues.
FANTA DEFENDER Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:22am 
Originally posted by ∆ s t e я o i ∂ e:
Patch causes massive drop performance.

From what are you talking about?
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