sajttt Jun 27 @ 10:31am
is it still played?
hi, i've been interested in this game for a while and I'd like to know, now that's on sale, if the multiplayer here is still alive or if most players moved to red dragon.
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//-Lumos-// Whiteknight14 Jul 1 @ 10:59am 
Still here mate.
//-Lumos-// Whiteknight14 Jul 1 @ 11:00am 
I think anyway... xD
sajttt Jul 1 @ 11:29am 
well i ended up buying european escalation because of money reasons, i bet there are even less players there but i'll get used to it, thx anyway
Deus_Drone Jul 9 @ 4:35pm 
ALB still has around 120 players playing,
RD has around 900 active players
The other 3k of players stopped playing,
BUK-CHAN Jul 16 @ 6:16am 
Get ALB. In the end I bet this will be the game with the most players as it is the best mix of features/balance. EE is missing planes, RD is just crap all around.
Taleric Jul 19 @ 8:28pm 
So wish there had not been that RD split ;(
I am over the lost RD money but ALB times were so good...
SAM Jul 22 @ 10:02am 
This game is more fun than RD. Not many players, but you still can find matches.
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