Dragonslayer Ornstein 2014年6月14日上午10:33
I need help... because im stupid.
Ok, so... I've bought the game, installed, and started it up. Weeellllll, it wont let me sign in/ or up. What am I doing wrong any tips on how to get past the 1st screen in the game? (And yes I put in the access key code and it still says "no.")
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Commander 6 2014年6月14日下午2:05 
引用自 Ornstein
(And yes I put in the access key code and it still says "no.")

So you linked the game to your Wargame account then?
ŊЏ | Shifu 2014年6月15日上午10:56 
Have you created an account or linked it (if you already own another game of the series where you created an account)?
Dragonslayer Ornstein 2014年6月22日下午6:27 
yes & yes.
Commander 6 2014年6月22日下午8:08 
There's a chance u might be entering ur information incorrectly. Try forgot user or password.
Dragonslayer Ornstein 2014年6月23日上午9:44 
Well, I corrected the one thing thats 'incorrect' and now it's telling me it's servers are down at the moment...
ŊЏ | Shifu 2014年6月23日上午10:04 
Disable your firewall/antivirus and retry. Those are quite sensitive towards Wargame and servers are not down.
Rhinestone Cowboy 2014年6月23日下午10:11 
Copy and paste the key code
[IH4TE] Chaosminion 2014年6月24日上午10:22 
Have you made sure that when you link teh account that you enter the cd key correctly
Dragonslayer Ornstein 2014年6月24日上午11:28 
yes ^
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