DR_Mayhem_MD 6月1日下午2:18
ALB alone, or ALB/EE combo pack?
This looks like a great game... but I was wondering what I should and shouldn't buy. The combo of ALB and the original EE looks great, and is only $5 more than ALB by itself, but is it worth buying the combo if I'll spend all my time playing ALB anyway? Is EE worth digging into on its own? Bottom line... should I get the combo with both games, or just ALB?
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☂ MacchuS ™ ☂ 6月1日下午2:21 
i bought the combo. havent played yet lol but i think its worth it .
ReturnToForever 6月1日下午11:40 
I would just go for ALB if I were you unless you really like single player campaigns enough to play a lot of em
Dooer 6月3日上午7:12 
just buy alb
☂ MacchuS ™ ☂ 6月3日下午2:20 
if you go in game in either game they each appear to have a similar amount of players. Get both .
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petri.piira 6月5日上午11:21 
EE is a bit different, but quite nice too. The single player campaign is scripted, but it has some really good missions in it. And some turkeys too. The MP games have a nice, slow, positioning matters feel compared to the much more hectic ALB games. (I have only dabbled a bit in EE multiplayer).
6./JG26_MarLeo 6月5日下午3:37 
Bought the combo and finished EE now. Going for ALB next. I definitely can recommend EE for a low price. The SP is not that bad. It might be a bit tricky to get into the game but then it's just fine.
DR_Mayhem_MD 6月13日上午6:22 
Ha, thanks to you all for your contributions, but it looks like Steam just made this whole threat moot... they just announced a sale of the entire franchise for $30!
DR_Mayhem_MD 6月13日上午6:23 
Whoops... make that $26.79...
DR_Mayhem_MD 6月13日上午6:49 
Sorry, last addition... all the individual games are reduced in price as well, not just as a combo... decisions decisions!
Raskulv 6月13日上午11:18 
I can without a doubt recommend EE. Heck, just get the franchise pack and receive three amazing games without worrying which one is better!!
DR_Mayhem_MD 6月13日下午2:10 
Thanks, Raskulv, that's probably what I'm going to end up doing!
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