Bertie Jul 14 @ 3:28pm
Is power measured per round?

Might seem like a simple question, but thought I'd ask to make sure I'm getting it right before building a deck. Is AP / HE power on a per round basis?

So (for example) a gun with 5 damage has a firing speed of 6 r/m, giving it a total damage per minute of 30 (assuming everything hits). If I therefore had a gun with 10 damage firing only 2 r/m then that would effectively do less damage (20 per minute) to a target over the same amount of time (again with 100% accuracy)?

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Gunther Kruger Jul 15 @ 2:47am 
Thats how i understand it
Jaeger4532 Jul 15 @ 4:40am 
For Ground Forces yes.

Planes on the other hand are a little bit more complex.

On a plane with a gun the stat represents one full burst from the gun not each individual bullet which is why the Gau-8 is not as devastating as it seems in the armory.
Bertie Jul 15 @ 11:27am 
Ok, thanks for the info!
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