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Easy Achivment farming
by xWinG
With this Guide you can get a lot of Achivments. Specialy Legendary Warriors....
TIPS - By fellow players
by Nerd10101
It is a record of tips from the communiy of Reus players and it is open to the public to contribute information....
The Idiot's Guide to Reus
by The_Idiot
The guide for new players, by an idiot. Wait... no, not just an idiot. The Idiot....
6 Minute Video Introduction/Review to Reus!
by Catch 22
This video guide aims to provide everyone with a basic introduction to Rues and also shares my thoughts about the gameplay elements. ...
Reus Achievement Guide (How to unlock Genesis Titan)
by Fox
A guide to unlocking the achievements necessary for Genesis Titan. Written for players already accustomed to Reus, this guide features tips for getting the more difficult achievements....
60-Minute Challenge Guide
by Anarka
An advanced guide with specific strategies and tips for tackling the 60-minute challenges which limite you to mostly one biome and set of ambassadors....
Planetary Development Strategies
by Guides for Games
How to prosper and avoid having settlements annhilate each other...
Reus Beginners Guide (video)
by TOG | Pugs
This is a guide to the basics of Reus. In rough order it covers: - gameplay basics - primary resource information - symbiosis, aspect and project bonuses - the metagame (natural source unlocks) - greed management - secondary resource information ...
by T.
Achievements - Reus...
Not so advanced guide about Reus villages!
by Mid Or Dagon
Villages in Reus are really complex when you think about it, so i decided to make an advanced guide about the villages in Reus! NOTE: This guide is unfinished because of lack of information and ongoing research so i will update reguarly. Anything with (...
Reus For Dummies
by Happy Heavy Bird
zanes guide to prosper.
by Frodo Baggins
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