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eXistenZ Aug 13, 2013 @ 3:05pm
Help me get the last projects completed.
So already had great fun with this game, i really like going for achievements. I still need to get some level4 developments. But the wiki is also a bit confusing. for example, it says the factory is mountain based, but the projects page says not.

So i still need the factory, the opera, the laboratory and the monument. I suppose getting the monument along with the 12 warmarks. Has anyone got any advice for village and giant builds? Also sometimes the wrong project starts, like the apothecary instead of geologist

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Daniel Piva Aug 14, 2013 @ 6:02am 
Hey there!

Maybe i can help a little bit with overall tips for some of those projects!

The Factory -

Factory upgrades necessarily from the Blast Furnace project. If you get a Blast Furnace, 100% garanteed the next project will be Factory.

So your first focus should be getting the "Blast Furnace". I don't know if there are any real relation between the Tier 1 and the Tier 3 projects, but in the Era i got the Factory, my tier 1 and tier 2 projects were Toolshop and Workshop.

Maybe you dont really need those 2 projects prior to the Blast Furnace, but they have a great sinergy, since every one of them are mineral oriented. So i strongly suggest to try to complete a Blast Furnace and later a Factory in a town which has Toolshop and Workshop already. To do so, make the first avaible resource in this village a Advanced Mineral (this does not guarantee a Toolshop, but i think it helps your chance to get one).

I got a Blast Furnace project both in a Swamp town and in a Desert Town. IMO, a Swamp town is more suited for a Factory Project, and i hope to demonstrate why in a while. So, answering your first question, no, Factories are not a Mountain Type Project.

Your Swamp Town shouldn't be too close to the Ocean, 4 patches away is a good distance. On the other side of the village, make another swamp land. Something like this - Ocean Swamp Swamp Ocean -

You need a lot of land because Blast Furnace demands 5 mines inside borders. It is a lot.

If your town have already a toolshop and a workshop, but the third projects isn't a Blast Furnace, keep muckballing the third one. After a while the villagers will restart the project and hopefully start a Blast Furnace. Keep in mind that destroying a Project will considerably increase a village greed. so keep them in check with danger and don't neglect the neighboorhod towns, keep them in the same level of prosperity.

Like i said, the Factory and the Blast Furnace are mineral oriented, so your Mountain Giant is the main protagonist here. My ideal Build for the Giants are:

Ocean Giant - SSFS (or SSSS, since the Forest is only for Aurora)
Forest Giant - FFSD
Mountain Giant - DSSD
Swamp Giant - DDSD

To get 16 giants, you will need to complete a 2 Upgraded Great Projects, so it is easier to get 14(at least 14, c'mon), since you only need tier 3 projects to get that number. If that is the case, priorize the Mountain and the Swamp Giants.

To complete a Factory you will need:

250 Food in use
750 Tech in Use
750 Wealth in Use
4 mines inside borders

In your swamp town, your bread and butter to get both the Factory and the Blast Furnace will be iron, iguanas, white willow Onyx and Gold.

Iguana and Iron go great together, since iron symbiosis come from danger and iguana's from a mineral next to it.

You can get iron with:
Rich Mineral + Seismic Aspect = Salt
Salt + Seismic Aspect = Iron.

Seismic aspect will come from a Swamp ambassador in your Mountain Giant. Danger will come from predator aspect in your Swamp Giant.

A iguana surrounded by 3 or 4 iron will be a great booster in your Tech. Do them near the ocean, so you can make fish with predator aspect near to the shore irons.

On the other side, you should have a White Whillow (Fruit Plant with 4 potent leaf aspects). Next to it, put a papaya. This will activate 14 natura in the White Willow and also the powerfull symbiosis on the Papaya. 14 natura is also a great deal for Onyx, so put 2 Onyx next to it, followed by 2 gold mines.

This should be enough for the Factory!

The Tech come from the Iron's and White Willow. Wealth from Gold (remember: don't have any other gold anywhere in the world) and Onyx, food from fishes, one papaya and from animais outside the border.

I didn't need any last tier animal, mineral or plant to get any project, unlock or achievement, and i got 100% of the game already. If you use symbiosis and aspect wisely, it will be more than enough. Last tier is Orange, Oil, Uranium, Diamond etc.

You will need a Level 3 Mineral and Exotic animal for sure. Remember that in the ocean, both the normal and the exotic fishes are exactly equal, except for the first fish (Mackareel X Clownfish), so gettin a level 3 in the Swamp Giant is a must, just like gettin level 3 in Advanced and in Rich Mineral for the Mountain Giant.

Keep in mind that after you get the Blast Furnace Project and at least 4 ambassadors both in the Swamp and in the Mountain Giant, you should destroy the neighboorhood town so your Factory town will have room to expand in land.

Daniel Piva Aug 14, 2013 @ 6:42am 
The Monument:

A Monument is a Mountain Based Project and will sprout necessarily from a Historic Point (also a mountain based project).

I don't recall making a mountain near a Swamp or a Forest Town, so i would advice to get those projects in a Desert Town. And in the desert you have Javelinas and Coyotes, what else would you hope for? =]

I personally find it harder to get the Historic Point than getting a Monument. This is because you need 2 Warmarks and to destroy a neighborhood town to achieve he first one.

You can try to direct the third project toward a Historic Point by putting resources on every non-mountain patch inside borders, leaving free patches only on the mountain. Sometimes a Bank or a Circus will sprout in a mountain, so just muckball them to oblivion and hope the damned villagers learned theirs lesson and will start a Historic Point next.

To get the Monument, you will need:

- 900 Food in use
- 300 Wealth in use
- 300 Tech in use
- More food in use than the neighbors.

So a Monument is a food oriented project. And in this case, you will need to keep in mind the bonus you got from the Historic Point! This project will give a lot of food:

40 for each mineral or 40 for each plant or 30 for each animal in border, stacking up to 5 times! It is not negligible! So since you depend a lot in a random event (which bonus the Historic Point will give), it is hard to give a "closed strategy" like with the Factory. Maybe you will need to focus on plants, maybe on animals, maybe on minerals.

Nevertheless, you can get a long way with javelinas, coyotes, date palm, iron and goats.

I strongly support the following combination:

Javelina - Goat - Date Palm - Coyote - Iron - Javelina - Javelina

Your Coyote will have 3 range (damn, thats too much!) and 4 animais in range (WEALTH FTW!!!), Date Palm will have 3 animais in natura range, the goat will give even more food to the Date Palm and if you put 2 javelinas together, damn, that's a lot of food, and danger, and that iron itself can give almost 200 tech (if Level 3 with good aspects).

Keep in mind that also there will be too much danger inside borders, so maybe you shoud keep a javelina + goat on both sides for a while, before your city growns enough to support the danger.

And you can take advantage from the bug that Superior Javelinas are giving only 2 danger when close to another Javelina, instead of 3 =]

Daniel Piva Aug 14, 2013 @ 8:59am 
12 Warmarks -

You can try to get the 12 Warmarks in the same run as the Monument, but i will explain a strategy as a "solo run".

Get a central city, lets call it "Piva City of Awesomeness" (JK, let's call it the War City).

Surround it by 2 cities, lets call them City A and City B. Those two cities should be closser tor War City them to the other neighbor of each.

Develop WarCity until it has a lot of prosperity, but no greed (keep greed in check with Danger). When PivaCity is very powerfull, but greedless city, pump the greediness on the neighborhood cities.

When City A reach 6 or 7 greed, but still considerable less prosperity them War City, "lock" City A greed with Danger! That means getting the Danger on the middlezone. With this, City A greed won't go up or go down, and they will be in a constant "warmonger" mode.

And they won't attack your giants, since they only start doing this when having at least 8 greediness. This means you won't need to reset their greedness by punishing them to Humildity, neither they will stop warring with other cities to attack your giants.

In this way, City A will keep attacking War City, and the greed won't go down. War City will defend every wave of attacker like a Badass Spartan Army on the Thermopylae, and each wave defeated will give them one War Mark! Having danger between them also helps, since dangerous animais harm armies. You can muckball the attacking wave too, to guarantee a victory to War City.

Do exactly the same thing with City B.

After a while, War City will have so many Warmarks that it will start attacking other villages even with 0 greed! Let them obliterate all the known world until they get the 12 Mark. You can help them by earthquaking their enemies after the war has started.

And destroying other towns won't raise their greedness, since it is locked with danger. That means no harm done to your giants =]
eXistenZ Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:30am 
wow, extensivly replies, thanks, i will put them into action. Only thing about the monument, how can you garantee best way to get the historic point? Ive had quite some tries where i tried to make a mountain village (ea the mountain lodge as project), but it often started something else. And i remember when i did have a mountain town with tavern, it builded a bank....
Daniel Piva Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:38am 
The Laboratory

The Laboratory will sprout from a Observatory.It is a Tech oriented upgrade, since it need the following:

- 200 Food in use
- 200 wealth in use
- an antounishing 1250 tech in use
- at least 2 plants in borders
- at least 2 animais in borders
- at least 2 mines in borders

Laboratory has great sinergy with those Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects: School, Druid, University, Alchemist, Mad Scientist. With that in mind, i suggest getting this project in a Swamp Town.

Just like with the Factory, the Lab. town should be settled like this:

Ocean Swamp (lab town) Swamp Ocean

Eventually you will destroy the east Swamp Town so the Lab Town will have larger borders. Just like the Factory Town i described.

You will be very dependent on the Bonus you can get from the Lab itself. If you get

+100% Technology from Plants within 2 range of this Laboratory, it means Jackpot! If the bonus from the laboratory is any other, it doesn't hurt to muckball it and hope for better bonus next time they start the project (since it will guaranteed be another Laboratory, don't worry about them trying to build another kind of project).

White Willow is a great plant for that, since you can get it with a Fruint Plaint and Leaf Aspect (and leaf Aspect adds Tech and Natura, unlocking even more powerfull aspects)

A Superior White Willow with 5 leaf aspects can easily have more than 100 Tech, meaning if your Lab has 2 White Willows around it, you will get 800 Tech just from that! Just from 5 patches! (100 from each W.W. and 400 from the Bonus).

On the other side of the town you can have Iron, Komodo Dragon, Iguana, Iron. This should be enough for Wealth. Put some Herd aspects on them and you will have food too. One Papaya next to the White Willows and some fishes should be more than enough for the 200 Food in use.

The Iguana and the Komodo Dragon, along with Clownfishes, should be enough for wealth. If it is not, get some Gold inside borders.

The Giant Composition for this could be:

Ocean Giant - SSFS (Level 3 Animal and Level 3 Herd Aspect)
Forest Giant - FFSS (level 3 Fruits and Level 3 Leaf Aspect)
Mountain Giant - DDSS (Level 3 Rich and Advanced Minerais, Level 2 Noble and Seismic Aspects, enough for Gold and Iron).
Swamp Giant - DSDS (Level 3 Exotic Animais, Level 3 Predator, for Iguana and Komodo Dragon).

The 2 protagonists with only 14 ambassadors should be the Forest Giant and Mountain Giant, since Tech is the must here. Even with 14 Ambassadors, you will be able to get Great Gold, Superior Iron, Superior White Willow, Superior Papaya, Great Iguana, Komodo Dragon, Great Parrot Fish and Tuna with this composition.

Of course, you can go for other last level resources, Uranium for example, but, like I said, using well the sinergies and the bonus from projects, you can get it done fairly easily using only tier 3 resources (Iron and White Willow as prime examples).

The Village compostion should be this
- 1 Forest (turned into swamp after the 3rd ambassador, or the second if you don't wanna level 2 Aurora)
- 3 Swamp, 4 later when you convert the Forest one
- 2 Desert

Notice that you can get the Factory and the Lab in the same run, since it is pretty much the same giant composition. You would need to make minor adjustments only, mainly with the terrain composition.
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Daniel Piva Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:49am 
I am quite sure that the Historic Point is independent from any tier 1 and tier 2 upgrades (Tavern or Mountain Lodge).

That means you can get a Historic Point with out any Tavern, Mountain Lodge or Nature Preserve.

Your town don't need to be a pure "mountain town", it just need to have some mountain tiles inside it's borders. The Historic Point project NEEDS to be in a mountain tile, but most part of your town doesn't.

For example, you can have a Desert city with 14 desert tiles and only one mountain tile. If the mountain lodge project starts there, jackpot! To try to do so, put resources in every one of those 14 desert tiles, but leave the mountain patch with out anything. It is not guaranteed that they will start it there, but i think it helps your chances.

And, as you said, they sometimes another tier 3 project on a mountain tile, like a Bank.

That's because although the Historic Point will only start in a mountain tile, other projects also can start on the same terrain. It is kind of random, although i think the probability of them starting a Historic Point in a Mountain Patch is bigger than starting a Bank.

So keep that in mind: you can have any tier 1 and tier 2 project in your "Historic Point Town", don't bother trying to select one.

As soon as the village start a tier 3 project, if it is anything different from a Historic Point, muckball it and wait for them to start it again later.

Keep in mind that destroying a project with muckball will raise the village greedness!

(and i think it is useful to write this long post because english is not my first language, this way i can practice a little! If there is anything that you couldn't understand because of the language, please let me know, so i can figure out another way to say what i mean!)

(and also, give me some feedback if any of those strategies work =])

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