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Danta May 16, 2013 @ 2:48pm
Crash when intro movie starts
Hey, I just bought Reus, downloaded and installed it. When the intro movie starts I see the Abbey games logo and Reus crashes. There doesn't seem to be an error report.

I tried reinstalling .net4 and xna, and afterwards a reboot. This didn't help.

Any way to get the game running? My specs
Laptop with cpu core i7 and Geforce GT540M with 1GB memory
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have the same issue, crash report only occurs, if you remove the intro and logo video files from the "mainmenu" directory.

Thread: Main

System.ArgumentException: Der Wert liegt außerhalb des erwarteten Bereichs.
bei Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.VideoPlayer.Play(Video video)
bei Reus.IntroScreen.LoadContent()
bei Microsoft.Xna.Framework.DrawableGameComponent.Initialize()
bei (Object )
bei 犷ᘞ碻�ڤ鿑.㱛ᤚ漺䢾ꃃוּ帳(Object )
bei ≬鑜瓜쓄憎쨢㣠㭄.Initialize()
bei Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunGame(Boolean useBlockingRun)
bei (Object )
bei 絕㲝﷦陼ﱾㆺ݃.䅾∮吒赐⻪엞束(Object )
bei 弛㻗惦汓糳侏㚼.抏﬷녥풞븴矫()
bei 弛㻗惦汓糳侏㚼.눵萩타ഠ颜ᇕ粐螾(String[] 嗕䛍봛ミ莏㵇꠶⹅)

0x0006 Reus.exe->ꂈ姹틌躤韃.₁땊뇔틶⎐⨥⟂ಶ
0x017b Reus.exe->弛㻗惦汓糳侏㚼.뀆悀潴┈Ꮝ碂�
0x0000 Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Video.dll->Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.VideoPlayer.Play
0x00b6 Reus.exe->Reus.IntroScreen.LoadContent
0x00b8 Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.dll->Microsoft.Xna.Framework.DrawableGameComponent.Initialize

HELP PLEASE! Since i bought the game, i could not even play it!
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Toriste Feb 6, 2014 @ 9:50am 
Hello ! This might be due to drivers and/or codecs out of date, please make sure to update your computer to the latest drivers.
You can download K-Lite for codecs ( )
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