JessieJayeC ( (Banned) Aug 22, 2013 @ 9:38am
[Replied] Cakewalk continues to refuse to address the saving bug
If you try to save your file to Wave, Cakewalk will either only save the first 5 seconds, or cut off whatever it wants at the end. It never saves the full file for no reason what so ever.

Cakewalk however does not want anybody to know about this, and refuses to address the issue. Instead locking any posts about it so that no one can say anything. IF they even bother to reply at all, they just try to sweep you under the rug because they are afraid of anyone seeing that this software is EXTRAORDINARILY BUGGY AND BARELY USE-ABLE.
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Ryan Munnis [Cakewalk] Aug 22, 2013 @ 9:53am 
Raging at us with tons of profanity and telling people they'll be fired for using our software is not how we're going to sort this out, espcially for a feature that we can easily help you understand. Your posts were also being flagged by other Steam users as being inappropriate. This is why your threads are being locked. It's not a PR game for us, but you're spreading incorrect information in an abusive way. Please contact our official support team if you need assistance.

FWIW, your export is based on your timeline selection. If you select measure 5 to 15 for example, then that is what you're exporting. Most people will do a 'select all' before exporting to make sure they're getting the entire length of the song. Many DAWS work exactly like this.

We ask users to contact our official support forms so that it gets assigned a ticket. This is a far easier solution to offering quality support for users with the Steam version, as well as the rest of our software catalog. We tried only supporting Steam users via the forums on initial launch, but we quickly realized that was an unsustainable option. Once it's in our ticket system, there is accountability and vital information is centralized, allowing us to support the end user better. I'm sorry if this option is inconvenient for you.
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