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morgasm69uk 2013年8月21日下午2:03
[Replied] midi program change event + simple instrument tracks
ok the Cakewalk TTS1, 16 part multi timbral responds to MIDI program change. the other bundled plugin's dont seem this correct? a bug? is there some other way to send a program change event to these synths? As we can't have a million instances of the same plugin the ability to program change is a must have.

When you insert a 'Simple Instrument' track.. is there a way to split it into the Audio/Midi track components and re-combine again or is that in the more expensive versions of cakewalks software..(i have used sonar before so am aware of that feature) ?
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Jon Sasor [Cakewalk] 2013年8月21日下午2:12 
Not all synths can accept program/patch changes. The TTS-1 is a General MIDI synth, therefore it responds to bank/patch changes, but the Cakewalk Sound Center for instance does not.
morgasm69uk 2013年8月22日上午10:28 
ok bit of a dissapointment that program change midi events arent usable for synths like Sound Centre, any way of doing it at all using RPN or NRPN signals? any response for my question about the Simple instrument tracks and the ablility to split and recombine?
Jon Sasor [Cakewalk] 2013年8月22日上午10:59 
It's due to the nature of how the synths operate. Because the Sound Center is loading multisamples every time you change the program, it can't do that during playback, so you won't be able to put those kinds of changes in the track.

Unfortunately Music Creator does not have the option to split/recombine instrument tracks, this can be found in our SONAR X2 programs however.
morgasm69uk 2013年8月22日上午11:45 
thanks for your answers Jon.
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