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Getting Started
by A Cardboard Box
How to play Regnum, beginning the game, and even the long-term crap....
How to grind in a party for good XP gain
by crimine
This guide explains how you can use grinding as part of a party to improve your XP gain rate in Champions of Regnum....
How War works in Champions of Regnum as of 6 Apr 2013
by crimine
How the system of castles, forts, relics, gems, dragon gates and dragon wishes seems to work in Champions of Regnum as at 6 Apr 2013. The developers have not yet updated the wiki or game rules description, so this is purely a guide done by a player, base...
How to grind quickly (esp using Realm Tasks and get a ~100% xp boost)
by crimine
Guide to methods to grind quickly in Champions of Regnum...