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Ms.Bunny0² Jan 2, 2013 @ 5:17am
I really hate the U3 engine...
I really hate that thing,its so god danm unpredictable.I got other games that use it,most of them run just fine,in any of then I can really get the 60 FPSs in the open enviroments.But geez,with everything low I can get at least 40-50 frames,in this game I cant even get 30,I mean,yes,I can,in the main menu,witch is kinda ridiculous,more considering this game does not let you take the resolution to 640x720.
So...any ideas to get my frames up?,I would love some help here,I get 22 frames max,witch kinda sucks,and in the construction part I can only get around 15 max,my PC is kinda low specs:Win7 64-bits
Nvidia GeForce 210
AMD Phenom IIx4,you know,8GBs ram and 2.8Ghz

Still the most powerfull PC I ever had,whatever,any advice on this?,and yes,I know,the title has little to do with most of the post,but I feel to lazy to think something better
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Ms.Bunny0² Jan 4, 2013 @ 10:21am 
Lets have a thread about how much we hate/love the U3 for the rest of the day
Boku no Potato Jan 13, 2013 @ 5:06am 
Odd, I don't even have a graphics card (waiting for a replacement) and I don't experience any framedrops or low FPS, sure your drivers are up to date? Either way, I don't see why you're complaining about 22FPS, 22FPS is just 2FPS away from 24 FPS which is the max FPS you can get with a normal 60Hz computer screen, your screen can't refresh much faster than that.

Seems like a useless thread for me, this game runs fine on Windows 7 even without a graphics card. Actually one of the few games that doesn't lag when I play it, if your computer is lagging with this game, please consider upgrading it instead of going to the internet ♥♥♥♥♥ing about it.
Ms.Bunny0² Jan 16, 2013 @ 5:53pm 
My computer isnt even old actualy,its like,3 years old,or so,also is weird that you say that,because I have seen other post complaining about framedrop in the game,quite a lot of them actually,and,no,my screen goes to 75Hz
Boku no Potato Jan 22, 2013 @ 4:56pm 
Again, graphic drivers, if you experience framedrops and I don't, it's something with your computer. If my computer is without a graphics card and just a CPU, it's already pretty weak to play games on. Also I need to correct myself, 60Hz screens got a refresh-rate of 60FPS max, it's basic physics.

There's no way you can blame the U3 engine specifically, since it's most likely not the cause of your framedrops. I can think of one way, and that's the U3 engine not support multi-threading properly, but for a game engine like U3 that would be ludicrous.

Sorry about not being helping much. I read the thread Abordeu posted, and one of the posts made clear point, U3 does use a lot of heavy effects, like Ambient Occlusion and motion blur, those are effects that are used in pretty modern games, I remember using the two effects in a rendering project I once made, and the time it took to render multiplied many times.

Still I suggest again, try and update your drivers. If it's not your drivers, it might be a bottleneck in your system. What's your RAM running at? I guess anything above 1333MHz will probably do, your CPU is slow and you should seriously consider upgrading it to above 3GHz (2.4-3GHz is usually a standard for laptops right now, mine run on 3.5Ghz and got 8 cores so it's pretty heavy). If you're not willing to upgrade your computer, try to decrease the settings like explained in the thread that Abordeu posted. Hardware improves almost by the double each year, so a three year old computer that's not a high-end computer three years ago won't run a lot of modern games that's been released recently, it depends on the technologies used and development time of course.
Phantom Gamer Jan 30, 2013 @ 3:09pm 
hate to but in but thats bull crap on the eyes can only see 24fps i do notice a difference between 24fps 48 fps 60 fps and higher its a lot smoother a 60hz moniter can refresh 60 times a second not 24 i dont know where you got your information but to the guy posting this thread i would definately upgrade at this point as a 210 is dated even a year ago try msi laptops or rzaers if you do production and gaming
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