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OldBoneLess 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 2:43
ROCK OF AGES will not install
I try to install/ download the game and nothing happens.
No downloading or install. If I want to verify my installation Steam says everything is OK, but nothing is installed.
Please help!

...sorry for my bad english!
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fetrange 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 3:39 
here too. Same problem, but I think it depends on Steam and not our PCs. Have no idea.
OldBoneLess 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 5:22 
OK! Hope they fix it...
OldBoneLess 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 9:37 
I try to install the game in german, this won't work. The english installation works.
Please, I want to play in german again.
[ACE] abordeu  [Fejlesztő] 2012. dec. 19. @ du. 12:58 
Hi guys, we're looking into this right now. Something happened with the localized versions during the last update. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon. You can play in english while we send the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
[ACE] abordeu  [Fejlesztő] 2012. dec. 19. @ du. 1:48 
Problem should be solved. Unfortunately the fix involves uninstalling and redownloading the game again. People playing non-english versions that didn't stumble with the issue will not have to do this. Sorry again for the inconvenience, but thanks for pointing out the problem!
OldBoneLess 2012. dec. 20. @ de. 12:10 
Thanks! Everything is fine now :)
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