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Puddle won't Start!
Hi there!
I bought Puddle yesterday and it was running very fine
As i clicked the game launcher, The launcher with the Configurations appears and as i clicked start, i see a white screen but nothing happen and then the Windows Error message that is saying Puddle doesn't work.
My System.
Window 7 Enterprise
AMD Phenom(tm) II x4 965 Processor 3,40 GHz
Ram: 8,00 GB
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CloudEnigma Aug 31, 2013 @ 5:23pm 
xD - You have the same Processor as me =P. I have mine at 4.20Ghz under a Reservoir Cooler which is pritty Crazy
...In response too the Error that I was meaning to assist with (being amazed that I have finally found someone with the same Chipset). This "Tool" if you would like solves most Start up Errors for our Games on Steam. This can just be because a file was - Removed, Damaged or Fragmented. Either way, This Oughta' Sort it out for you. + this for any body else with any other Issues Starting their Game(s). From what you may learn here please Foward your Knowledge to the Steam Community :D

*Make sure that before you procceed, Close any Apps that aare Intensive(I.e - Don't have a Virus Scan running or Defraggler etc etc.)

1.) Go to - Steam Library & Right click Puddle > Select Properties.
2.) Click the Shaded Tab Local Files - and Simply select *VERIFY INTEGRITY CACHE*
This proccess will take a few moment's but apon Completion the Game will run :D
+ You might have known/tried this already? :D But this is the quickest way to repair a game rather than the whole, Un-Install - ReInstall Quo and Should* work for you! :D
Note that this option can fix most Start up errors so like I mentioned before, It's kind of hard to forget something you did for the first time....OOOooohhhh that's what she said xD
Please post back you're results. The community is here to Assist :D
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Thanks Man!!! The Results was because there was a damaged file but no Virus
Re-Installed the game and it worked
CloudEnigma Sep 1, 2013 @ 4:02pm 
This is exellent :D The Steam Community is here to help!
Also its almost and might as well be a garantee that you will not have a Virus at any point from or whilst using Steam, Our community is very safe and is proberley the safest and most Solid gaming Interface in the world! With Millions and Millions of User's around the Globe. It's quite easy to say that We are apart of the most Epic and Live community on the Net :-D
Happy to have Helped ! :D
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