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jannystrom 2013 年 07 月 12 日 @ 下午 1 時 34 分
Wont start (Mac)
I bought the game and it wont start. Ther comes a error message that says that Steam will get a mail telling them about it but i have not got a resopns yet....
Some say restar Steam at start the game again but when i try that it says (rember to close The Cave game fyrst before closing Steam..... plz help...
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DF TLo  [開發人員] 2013 年 07 月 12 日 @ 下午 4 時 06 分 
Something bad might've happened for some reason the first time you launch and it is still running in the background.

You have to close it using Activity monitor. To enter this menu press and hold "Option" "Command" and "Escape" keys. If cave is in there, force quit the app and it should work fine after that.

If that doesn't work try a reboot of your computer. Hope this solves your problem.
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