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algorhythmus Jun 30, 2013 @ 12:53pm
doble sxxx games!
After having played for about 10 minutes the whole computer crashes without any warning or anything. I just switches off. I tried Vsync off, I tried several other resolutions, I tried updating gpu driver everything, I even tried ugly window mode!!!
I don´t use x box gamepads, but how should I decently play without a gamepad?with the keyboard are you serious? Full Gamepad support means for me I can use any gamepad!
I was looking forward for a nice Sunday evening playing an cool game and ended up frustrated.
What else can I try to make it work?
System Windows 8 64 bit, GPU Radeon HD5730, CPU I5, Ram 4GB
What is the Problem. my Laptop is not even getting hot or someting?
I want a quick solution for this issue!
I use Speedlink gamepads.