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DrGrog May 30, 2013 @ 10:57am
To Double Fine
I see you guys have started yet another Kickstarter project.

I have been, at least I think I have been a royal fan of your games and company, but you guys still haven't delivered the 30fps lock patch which was promised months ago and I am quite disappointed to see that you have the time and resources to start another project but not the time to give us a patch for the games which you said will be coming in near future.

I am pretty sure your kick-starter funding will reach the desired amount for your games are quite fun and there are apparently many gamers who does not care for the 30fps limitation "and" does not care if a company does not hold up to their promises, but I don't think I will be amongst them this time. I think I waited long enough and had enough.

I am still waiting for the patch and won't start palying 'The Cave' until the patch arrives, even if it means I will never be playing the game. Until then, I will not fund any more of your projects nor support your company.
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Guides for Games [Catherine] May 30, 2013 @ 11:44am 
I agree. If Double Fine isn't willing to make player-supported changes, I've got no motivation to support Double Fine. This isn't a one-way street
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