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s.plisskin [Archlinux] 2013年2月21日 17時12分
Game freezing - linux.
The game will seem to freeze randomly, sort of. I see the characters eyes moving. but i can no longer move them or switch between them. The game also freezes up when saving and quiting the game, which i then have to shutdown via system monitor. Anyone else running into this problem?

Archlinux x86_64
nvidia driver 313.18
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DFJustin 2013年2月21日 17時38分 
Hmm, most save and quit crashes we've seen have been related to sound problems, are you also having sound vanish when this happens? Otherwise this is bizarre.
s.plisskin [Archlinux] 2013年2月21日 17時48分 
No sound issues. I'm using ALSA.
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