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s.plisskin [Archlinux] 2013. febr. 21. @ du. 5:12
Game freezing - linux.
The game will seem to freeze randomly, sort of. I see the characters eyes moving. but i can no longer move them or switch between them. The game also freezes up when saving and quiting the game, which i then have to shutdown via system monitor. Anyone else running into this problem?

Archlinux x86_64
nvidia driver 313.18
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DFJustin 2013. febr. 21. @ du. 5:38 
Hmm, most save and quit crashes we've seen have been related to sound problems, are you also having sound vanish when this happens? Otherwise this is bizarre.
s.plisskin [Archlinux] 2013. febr. 21. @ du. 5:48 
No sound issues. I'm using ALSA.
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