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Teenflon5 2013 年 02 月 18 日 @ 下午 3 時 18 分
Totally Stuck - Game Broke? Not in Walkthroughs?
I'm playing as the adventurer, monk and twins. I've just been through the intro part at the shop and now just dropped down into the mines. I've pulled the levers and the rock has dropped down to let me jump over the spikes however I literally cant go any further. The ladders on the right are blocked with some wooden shelf across them. I can't go lower than the current ground level. I've tried everything, I dont have any items, I've tried every combination with the levers (which are the only available objects) and I cant get back up on the ledge!!! My game is saved there and I'm totally stuck. I'm on my mac.

Anyone got any ideas?!

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WetPaperBag 2013 年 02 月 18 日 @ 下午 10 時 08 分 
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