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HalendirTheDane 2013年2月14日 11時01分
Amazing Game :D
Hi guys n' Gals :) I can strongly recomend this game.... LOVE IT {リンクが削除されました - スパムを送らないでください。詐欺に注意する必要があります。}
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Mars Mountain 2013年2月14日 16時08分 
Yes, indeed. Fantastic game, as per us from Double Fine
eXodus 2013年2月15日 5時33分 
I agree! This game was lot of fun! i played it twice and enjoyed it at first at the TV (Steam Big Picture) and then on my PC. Both with Gamepad!
Good Game!
Matt ♠ 2013年2月18日 1時47分 
This is indeed an excellent game. I like the way the thought process is done as well as the main story. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is wanting to get it.
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