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HalendirTheDane 14 feb 2013, ore 11:01
Amazing Game :D
Hi guys n' Gals :) I can strongly recomend this game.... LOVE IT {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO - Non creare spam e fai attenzione alle truffe.}
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Mars Mountain 14 feb 2013, ore 16:08 
Yes, indeed. Fantastic game, as per us from Double Fine
eXodus 15 feb 2013, ore 5:33 
I agree! This game was lot of fun! i played it twice and enjoyed it at first at the TV (Steam Big Picture) and then on my PC. Both with Gamepad!
Good Game!
Matt de Ontwerper 18 feb 2013, ore 1:47 
This is indeed an excellent game. I like the way the thought process is done as well as the main story. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is wanting to get it.
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