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[ TSF ] Rav 2013 年 02 月 9 日 @ 上午 6 時 53 分
Another bug I think : after Time traveller section
Im playing with Adventurer, twins and time traveller. Ive just done their adevtnures in that order and once I got the key i unlocked the door to the left of the time machine. i could htne run back thru the twins level and indeed then went thru the twins house to the exit - once i go thru that exit again back to the time travellers level its juts missing and the twins fall for ages in a blank screen until they must eventually hit bottom somewhere. but now the save is corrupt as when I load Im now locked out of going back to the time travellers level or indeed cant seem to go anywhere with the key.

SO I presume Ill have to start again :( But more impotantly where'd I go wrong? Was I supposed to reopen the locked door you entered the time travellers level to the left of the time machine or shoudl I have gone out a differnt door I missed??