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PYROMANT|C 2013年2月7日 14時54分
The Cave Review - The Refined Geek.
Hey everyone :D Just finished writing up my thoughts on The Cave and thought I'd share them here:

I chose the knight, time traveler and monk initially, what were your first picks?
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Mars Mountain 2013年2月7日 15時08分 
Monk, Scientist, Time Traveler was my first Trio
Ark-kun 2013年2月7日 16時15分 
Knight, Time Traveler, Adventurer.
I somehow found a secret passage not long after the beginning and so was unable to do the Knight's quest -I arrived to the left of the king and couldn't get past him (couldn't interact with him).
PYROMANT|C 2013年2月8日 3時00分 
That's too bad, the knight's quest was probably one of the better ones, at least in my opinion anyway :)
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