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bludgeonmary 2013年2月6日 15時07分
Adventurer Bug?
I can't seem to get my adventurer to pull the sarcophagus once it reaches the bottom of the tomb on the elevator. (needs to go towards the dude at the spike pit) The foot end is next to a wall and when I click it from the head side she pushes it a bit towards the wall then gets stuck doing an arm waving/tripping motion. The only way to get out is to restart the game. Has anyone seen this? I don't see how restarting the whole game would help, because there is no where else to push the sarcophagus. Any advice is appreciated.
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DonSeismo 2013年2月6日 23時43分 
Do you have a screenshot?
xris 2013年2月9日 12時37分 
I have the same problem - there is no way to get behind the sarcophagus once it reaches the level w/ the other adventurer ...
GB.FlyveHest 2013年2月9日 14時46分 
You dont have to push, you just have to pull it, use the E key
xris 2013年2月10日 5時10分 
Thanks! That did it - confusing though, during the Goldmine quest i could pull a cart just by clicking on it ..
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