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GL_DONT_CARE 2013年2月3日 17時01分
Crash after startup; Multiple connected gamepads caused problem
The Cave has worked fine, until recently when I plugged in 6 additional game controllers (was playing some 4 player games). Apparently, on startup it crashes with unrelated and inconsistent 0xc00005 or something errors; After reinstalling, fiddling with graphics card drivers, deleting files; apparently just unplugging the gamepads fixes the issue; I'm not sure what kind of bug this is, but if your game crashes as the SEGA logo appears, try disconnecting/reconnecting your gamepads. (2013-02-04)

[on a Windows 7 Pro box, i7 2700k 16GB ram, MSI GTX560, no other noticable problems asides the FPS thingy.]
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