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Fredped 2013年2月3日上午5:07
Anyone else have the game stuck at the "loading screen"?
Hi guys, played the game for 3 hours,then turned off, came back to it next day and the game now just freezes at the loading aninmation top right of the screen.

Both on my laptop and desktop. SEGA support said to update my graphics drivers, did this but still no joy.

anyone help?
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DonSeismo 2013年2月3日上午5:08 
When did you play the last time? Maybe before the update? Just let steam check the integrity of your game files -> right click on the game -> properties -> local files.
Fredped 2013年2月3日上午5:25 
Thanks DonSeismo, just tried that and no joy, any other suggestions?
Prophet 2013年2月3日上午9:10 
Apparently your save is corrupted seems money wasted on a flawed code base. Currently all my playtime has gone down the tubes in the same manner...
Fredped 2013年2月4日上午2:26 
So a delete and reinstall?
Fredped 2013年2月4日上午9:58 
Have deleted and reisntalled, still no workio ! Any other ideas guys and gals?
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