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Small bugs/issues (SPOILERS!!!!!)
Well was playing the game and noticed a small bug and figured I'd make a discussion/report/whatever about it. So I am on the island and am working through the puzzles. I am running through The Cave as Hillybilly/Adventurer/Monk. I have the Monk holding the first Pirate Flag, Adventurer holding the 2nd. I happen to walk by the Monk at one point as the Hillybilly and notice his right eye is literally floating around his head. It starts at its normal position and then moves up his head a little, then a little further until reaching his forehead area then starts to go back down to its original position.

Of course I realize this is a small/insignificant bug, but thats why I made the title as it is. Feel free to post other small/not that important bugs in here (which i mean bugs/glitches that really do not affect game play in any way but are not "normal" in what is happening (sorry but I doubt the monks eye is normally supposed to float around while holding the pirate flag lol).
The Cave > Discussioni generali > Dettagli della discussione
Data di pubblicazione: 1 feb 2013, ore 22:56
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