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STAN 2013年1月31日 9時39分
CO-OP plz
am i the only one who wants online co-op. i just hope there will be an update. if any of you agree with me leave a message or something and maybe, only maybe can we get SEGA/DoubleFine to make an online co-op update (:
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Shadow of the East 2013年1月31日 10時07分 
+1 that's an awesome game to play with friends and actually this restriction it's kinda annoying.
{-NAG-}Biohazard063 2013年2月1日 9時46分 
Yeah, that would be a great thing to have. The local co-op is a bit boring since you can't have split screen or anything. You either have to stick together (wich isn't always possible) or just sit there waiting untill you need a diffrent character in wich case the other player gets to wait.
nulian 2013年2月1日 13時19分 
Separate screen with several characters makes the other person not able to do anything and not watch anything at certain spots.
STAN 2013年2月1日 13時25分 
splidt screen maybe
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