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MegadanXzero 29. Jan. 2013 um 15:43 Uhr
Can't get to the last cave painting in the Monk's area
So I was in the Monk's area and did the bit where you have to stand on the 3 carpets, staying completely still. I rode it all the way up on the first go, because I assumed that's what I was meant to do, and that the cave painting was just meant to tempt me and get me killed. But now that I rode it all the way to the top I can't see any way to get to the cave painting. The carpets don't go back down, and if I go all the way round to get back to the bottom the carpets still stay at the top... Am I just missing something here?

(Screenshot of the bit I mean)
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Mad Mike Marsbergen 29. Jan. 2013 um 16:33 Uhr 
I think you can only get it before you go all the way up on the carpets.
<<Wolf>> 29. Jan. 2013 um 17:10 Uhr 
DonSeismo 30. Jan. 2013 um 0:54 Uhr 
You missed it, just take the monk again in a second playthrough.

There's also an achievement for breaking the bridge in this area, but you'll need all 3 characters up there. Keep the feather from the beginning and as soon as the carpets start moving assemble all characters on the right carpet, you have to be quick to get all characters to the rope.

In Wolf's video it's at 20:10mins.
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