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Photolifepl 29 jan 2013 om 6:35vm
30FPS cap? no deal.
HI. I use a really powerful system but I read that "The Cave" caps the frame rate at 30FPS. In my oppinion disqualifies this buy. Unless the developers fix this fault - I ain't buyin.
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Pirateguybrush 29 jan 2013 om 7:03vm 
There are plenty of threads on this topic. You didn't need to create a new one.
Mad Mike Marsbergen 29 jan 2013 om 7:34vm 
Your really powerful system will run the game fine at 30 FPS. The Cave isn't a brand spanking new first person shooter, you don't need every last frame to win the game and be top on the server list.

Have fun missing out on a great game!
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Fatapon 29 jan 2013 om 8:42vm 
why would you need more than 30 fps? its a side scroller, theres no multiplayer and i cant think of a reason why you would need more than 30 fps in this game
Pirateguybrush 29 jan 2013 om 8:53vm 
Games do look better at 60+fps, even a sidescroller like this. However it runs perfectly fine at 30.
{CMD}=Pushka= 1 feb 2013 om 5:38nm 
I have perfectly 60 fps.. dunno what you talking about O_o
nulian 1 feb 2013 om 7:47nm 
@Pushka when it runs at 60 fps it just shows you 1 rendering twice its hardcoded in the engine. I don't have any problem with it as soon as they make a real fps it would be different.
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