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RubberDuckey 2013年1月28日下午4:13
Can you play co op on steam??
Hey , Me and my friend have been wanting to play the cave co op but there is no way for him to join me ?? if you could help that would be great thanks!
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walter_sobchak 2013年1月28日下午4:18 
No, only local co-op is supported on any version of the game.
RubberDuckey 2013年1月28日下午4:35 
But lets say we were ont he same internet? could we play togther or would we have to play on the same computer?
Mars Mountain 2013年1月28日下午4:45 
Same computer.
Monkei 2013年1月28日下午6:51 
that's a game killer :/
Mars Mountain 2013年1月28日下午7:03 
Nah, game is great on single-player.
Zolkowski 2013年1月29日上午12:46 
Onlly if you have no real friends to play with. There aren't enough local coop gameson pc for those that like social gaming.
引用自 Monkei
that's a game killer :/

正在显示第 1 - 6 条,共 6 条留言
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