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lewton 2013年1月28日 10時42分
Can't get cave painting on the Island level
there is a cavepainting under the "steam lift". I can get down there, no problem, but can't activate the cavepainting. It really bugs me. Anyone with similar problem and/or solution?
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DonSeismo 2013年1月28日 10時46分 
It seems like some paintings can only be unlocked when you have the right character in your team. If I remember correctly this painting needs the adventurer.
lewton 2013年1月28日 10時49分 
thats really weird, since you can get down there with any character easily
Mad Mike Marsbergen 2013年1月28日 11時42分 
You can only get Cave Paintings for the three characters you chose. You have to get that one on another playthrough, with the Adventurer.
DonSeismo 2013年1月28日 11時44分 
Well, but most paintings change depending on the characters you currently play with.
But there are some that just don't.
最近の変更はDonSeismoが行いました; 2013年1月28日 11時44分
lewton 2013年1月28日 11時54分 
ok, i have to do another walktrough then :)
Grim Reape®!!! 2013年1月29日 7時28分 
Only way to get it without dying is with the adventurer (Special ability across the lava).

But you can get it with other characters by running on to the platform, and all to the left, while another character turns the valve.
After that, you can drop down to the painting.
lewton 2013年1月30日 9時07分 
yeah i did that, i was standing there right on the painting, i started samshing the button to activate it, but nothing happend.
Mad Mike Marsbergen 2013年1月30日 10時26分 
You can only activate that Cave Painting if you've got the Adventurer in your party.

If you don't have the Adventurer, then take her in another playthrough. Then you can get all her Cave Paintings, whether you use her, specifically, to get them or not.
Matt ♠ 2013年2月17日 22時41分 
You can activate the painting with the knight. Simply jump down and use his special.
DonSeismo 2013年2月18日 0時14分 
Lostprophetpunk の投稿を引用:
You can activate the painting with the knight. Simply jump down and use his special.

But again, only if the adventurer is in your team.
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