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Centurion Yareyous 2013年1月24日 16時57分
Monk Level bridge respawning.
I was playing the level and then I stopped. When I came back, the red bridge you had to destroy with all three chracters and the feather was back. Unfortunatly for me, the bridge separated my characters. Now I can't destroy the bridge because i dont have all three chracters on top of it, and I can't move on because i need all three characters for the rugs.
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Sabzilla 2013年1月25日 10時47分 
TThis happened for me too :(
nobetterboy 2013年1月28日 13時15分 
Same here
<<Wolf>> 2013年1月29日 17時18分 
use the instant kill
dakusan 2013年1月29日 19時45分 
On the double fine forums they just announced they will be fixing this bug on the upcoming patch
thomas 2013年1月30日 8時26分 
for the nerds, with the help of :)

in the Characters= array i edited LastValidCheckpointVolumeName=Cave_MonkBubble_CheckpointVolume7; and LastControllerID=0; of the character above the bridge. now they are together in the room with the carpets.

no need to transfer the 3 and the feather above the bridge to brick it again.
最近の変更はthomasが行いました; 2013年1月30日 9時29分
Noxifer 2013年2月3日 2時56分 
i'm stuck too with same problem :( i've writed to DoubleFine support and they sent me the save file with the resetted quest...but now i have another problem!!! when i go to the monk on the top of the hill,after he talks to me, doesn't give me the feather no i can't destroy the bridge to proceeed... :( what a nightmare!!!
Caveman 2013年2月10日 11時49分 
Does anyone know how to fix this on a mac?
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