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Heilz 2013年1月24日上午10:50
Achievements broken? [May contain spoilers]
Edit (Statement from Double Fine):
引用自 DFJustin
Hey guys! I just want to say first thank you for all the research you guys did into the topic, it helped a TON.

Because it helped so much, this issue should be resolved with the next patch we release. You will have to trigger some form of it to get it to go off though (As in for winx7/Corrupted, complete the game with just one of the characters in that way and you'll get it if you are supposed to).

Original post:
So, I've been at it all day and completed the game with all 7 characters (bad ending), but I did not get the "Corrupted" achievement.

Corruption — Saw the darkness in all our hearts.
To get the bad ending for all 7 characters, for each of them simply hand in someone else’s “Object of Desire” to the clerk to get your own “Object of Desire”, and then climb up the ladder to leave and see the ending.

Update for those who don't want to read the whole thread:
引用自 sanjmerchant
I'm happy to report that yes, saving your game just before finishing the game, and then starting up with keyboard only works for triggering the bugged achievements. (I outright unplugged my gamepad while the game was off, to absolutely sure I'd be on keyboard only mode). Sure enough the Twins went up the ladder, triggering Septuple Win, and then the Adventurer went up, triggering Corruption, exactly as they were supposed to. For the record, I saved before actually acquiring any of the objects of desire.

The achievements affected by this bug are just Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win, Corruption, Redemption, The Whole Story, and Don't Fill Up on Fortune Cookies, correct? Any others I should be pulling this stunt to make sure I get credit for?
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Heilz 2013年1月24日下午4:33 
Did noone else encounter this?
didi 2013年1月24日下午5:35 
same as you, neither Corruption nor win-win-win-win-win-win-win
Nightmeare 2013年1月24日下午6:49 
Same here, didn't get either of the achievements
nulian 2013年1月24日下午7:04 
win-win-win-win-win-win worked for me still need more plays for corruption.
Sicmendor Darkaxe 2013年1月25日上午8:24 
Win-win-win... and Redemption didn't unlock for me even when I'm supposed to get both when I completed the game with all 7 characters and with good endings. This may be an issue about getting more than one achievement at the same time.
Tim Timsen 2013年1月25日上午8:42 
引用自 didi
same as you, neither Corruption nor win-win-win-win-win-win-win
I'm missing the same.
Maikam 2013年1月25日下午6:51 
The same happened to me...
Nikas 2013年1月26日上午1:45 
Same problem here (with "Corruption")
Marietta Mangler 2013年1月26日上午6:07 
Same problem here, didn't get either Achievement.
DonSeismo 2013年1月26日上午9:32 
Did you play Coop?
Nikas 2013年1月26日上午9:35 
Don: No, 1 player mode only
^gonzo 2013年1月26日上午10:13 
win-win-win-win.....broken for me too
Sicmendor Darkaxe 2013年1月26日下午12:22 
引用自 DonSeismo
Did you play Coop?
1 Player Mode with a gamepad if that helps. I can't imagine myself redoing all the characters with the keyboard again.
HTGamer 2013年1月26日下午4:03 
Just got bad endings for the last three characters...No Corruption, No Win-Win-Win-ect, No achievements!
Killrrhubarb 2013年1月26日下午4:07 
I Haven't got Redemption or The Whole Story despite having beaten the game with both the bad and good endings and unlocking all the cave paintings. I however managed to get A Baleful Figure after the glitch. I was kinda hoping that unlocking that achievement will unlock the ones that glitched out.
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