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Lobovski 2013年1月24日上午5:02
wired 360 controller not working?
my 360 wired controller won't work with this for some reason..strange as my friends wireless works on pads working fine with all my other games...any idea's?
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Willy D. Longpong 2013年1月24日上午8:20 
Indeed. It works great with my wireless pad. The buttons were a bit mixed up but after I went into the options and "reset to defaults" it was double fine.
HenryGuy 2013年1月24日上午9:36 
Weird. Mine worked. The only problem I've EVER had with the 360 controller is that if you plug it in AFTER you start a game, it won't recognize it.

Otherwise it should work... as long as it's plugged in the PC before the game has launched.
Willy D. Longpong 2013年1月29日上午10:37 
ok. I'm now having issues. In the settings it's seeing the controller as a generic pad(buttons 1,2,3 etc) and whenever I press any button(bar the triggers) it goes into co-op and I'm in control of two characters at once. I have to kill the game in task manager because 9 times out of 10 "save and exit" is missing. There is nothing below "Drop player".

I've have one wireless controller attached to my PC and I've changed nothing since launch.
Lobovski 2013年1月29日下午1:50 
Mine also shows a generic pad and won't recognise the sticks at all
Willy D. Longpong 2013年2月1日上午11:29 
A bump before I give up and do the unthinkable... contact direct!
walter_sobchak 2013年2月1日上午11:38 
You try all USB ports? Back and front panels of the computer?
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DFJustin 2013年2月1日下午12:04 
Also make sure you have the drivers for the controller installed!
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