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gamil 2013年5月1日 16時20分
Monk dropped the feather
After falling through the bridge, the monk dropped the feather. Is there any way I can retreive it? (It's not under the bridge or anywhere along the path where I dropped it) Is there any way to begin thr monastasry section over? Thanks for any help.
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Guides for Games 2013年5月1日 16時51分 
nope! stuff like that will happen when you complete the knights quest, too. the item becomes unavailable. besides, who could return from falling that high? You have to complete your current game or quit and start a new one. then go back in with the monk to return to his area
gamil 2013年5月1日 17時59分 
Boo hiss! That's a bummer. Thanks for the info.
Guides for Games 2013年5月1日 18時02分 
yeah it's a pain to go back. i went on a no-death run and miscalculated the landing (from falling through the bridge) I died. And my game saved. I was so mad.
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