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flyhigh72 2013年4月21日 6時14分
Best three character
The Twins, the Monk and the Hillbilly.

Or which is your opinion?
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X-037 2013年5月31日 0時33分 
I agree and salute you for your refined taste in characters and storylines!
Rhum 2013年6月5日 15時01分 
Trully ? You seem to have very good reasons for this ^^
JG 2013年6月25日 6時27分 
The Monk, the Scientist and the Time-traveller.

The monk is just all-around cool, the scientist is incredibly adorable and endearing (assuming you get the good ending, that is), and I sympathize a lot with the Time-traveller's frustration with her ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ coworker.
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FatalisticBlight 2013年7月18日 20時05分 
the knight and his love fail
ReverendTed 2013年7月24日 19時46分 
Monk, Time Traveler and Knight, because their abilities can subvert the game in certain areas. The Monk can grab items that usually require a lot more work (the bucket in the starting area, the hot dog in the Zoo), the Knight can fall down pits that are otherwise instant death for any other character, and the Time Traveler can skip certain doors\gates.
abamaguy 2013年7月25日 1時44分 
time traveler and hillbilly are good combination with any third character
WildPyro 2013年7月25日 17時51分 
In regards to story I'd say Twins, Knight, and the Hillbilly. The smoothest playstyles I'd say Adventurer, Knight, and Time Traveler. My favorite ability is the Knight's invulnerability because you can do long falls quickly.
josegr 2013年7月28日 14時27分 
Best levels: Twins, Time Traveler and Adventurer.
Best abilities: Knight, Scientific.
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Pandator 2013年7月29日 10時47分 
Monk, Twins and Knight. For Knight it's particulary to fall quickly...and I love his story ^^
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