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andrewsav Jan 19, 2014 @ 1:14am
Weird bugs, strange save system
I like the game itself, but bugs and glitches are quire bad. I have a well maintened modern PC, with latest graphic drivers, etc.

However I find it unusual that they game neither saves for you periodically nor it provides an easy way to save. You can "quite and save" at the beginnig but I don't want to quit, I just want to save. After some minutes of playing "quit and save" options disappears and is replaced with "drop player" option which does nothing - neither quits not saves, so the only option is to kill the game in the task manager and lose the progress. Granted this does not happen each run, but if it happened to you even once it's already bad enough.

I also was unfortunate enough to play a few hours (and I gave up trying to save as it's made too difficult) and then the game crashed and I lost all the progress. I wonder if the creators ever heard of autosave feature of modern games and software in general.

I would love this game, really. What not to love? However having lost progress repeatedly just kills all the fun.

Another glitch if you leave the game for too long for controller to go in sleep mode, it's not possivble to continue playing. You get a message "press A" and when you press "A" there is another message "press space" at witch point the game stops reacting to any input at all, controller or keyboard.

Now I understand that not *everyone* has that bad experience, for some the game runs smoothly. However this is something to consider if you have not bought yet and consider buying.
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The Cave > General Discussions > Topic Details