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Some Cool Hwip Jan 26 @ 11:38pm
What happens if I have an item in my cart and the sale ends
I want to buy sanctum 2 w/ dlc but don't have a credit card and can't add the funds before the sale ends
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The Vhampster Jan 27 @ 12:08pm 
first of all, this should be in the sanctum 2 forums.
Secondly, I think your cart refreshes occasionally. you can't wait until the sale ends to buy it and expect the sale price.
Some Cool Hwip Jan 27 @ 3:32pm 
This is a general question just coincidentaly with Sanctum 2 in it.
Shamayne Mar 16 @ 6:08pm 
It stays in the cart with an orange note that some of the item have changed price and you should check them. The sale price is striked through and the actual price is written below I think.
If games stay too long in the cart, they get removed automatically. No clue how long it takes.

But there is no way to keep it on hold and get the sale price when the sale is over.
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Some Cool Hwip Mar 17 @ 10:35pm 
Thank you Shamayne
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