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PurpleWhiteJade Jun 30 @ 3:12pm
Bug Twins
I have a big problem moving the box in the twins level.. its taking me forever!
They won't hold on to it and I have to click it I don't know how many times for them to hold on to it for a few seconds before I have to try it all over again..
Its really annoying to be moving a box for 30 minutes.. (surprisingly how awesome I think this game is to waste so many time on a box..) but its still not in the kitchen...

what can I do about this?
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Strajder Jun 30 @ 5:36pm 
Use keys. Default key for "use" is E, directions are A for left and D for right. I had no problem pushing/pulling objects with E+A or E+D.
PurpleWhiteJade Jul 1 @ 9:48am 
yeah I figured that out just now, the controls just keep changing.. (when it comes to the mouse, holding left down or clicking once or clicking double, with keys not a problem)
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