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GREW50ME 31 ott 2013, ore 17:21
Metallica: Everybody wants.
Well, not everybody. Some people never liked them. Some are angry at them for changing their sound. For those of us who have good taste and who forgave them, time marches on, and yet no Metallica.

Can rocksmith handle them?
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Rogue203 31 ott 2013, ore 17:22 
I would love some Metallica. Unfortunately, they've turned into Corporate jerks (I would use a less polite word), so they'll never let themselves in the game.
[I.R.] Dianetics 31 ott 2013, ore 17:29 
They have an exclusive deal with activision. We wont be seeing them any time soon.
Saidin550 31 ott 2013, ore 17:56 
Ye its "sad but true" sorry couldnt resist
I can mind a few years back u couldnt even get them on spotify dunno if u can now? But they are funny with stuff like this.
GREW50ME 31 ott 2013, ore 18:01 
I know they had a deal. Quick question about the deal tho...
...How long is it for? Didn't Activision release the game nearly 4 years ago? Timed gaming exclusives are usually way shorter. Maybe I missed the info, but what I'd assume is that the ActiBlitzen deal has expired, and it's just a matter of Ubi calling and throwing
the right numbers around.
Rogue203 31 ott 2013, ore 18:28 
They are on Spotify now, I believe. Their deal with Activision was in 2009. Aerosmith also had an exclusive deal the year before, so I would think Metallica's deal will be expiring soon.
[I.R.] Dianetics 31 ott 2013, ore 18:40 
Metallica's deal actually started in 2007. These things usually run 7-10 years. However we can never really know the particulars because the information isn't released.
I think Activision wants to keep them under lock and key for the forseable future though, so they can use them in their others game as well as having them for special appearances.
Saidin550 31 ott 2013, ore 18:42 
I don't think activision is or would be the reason for them not being in this game tho. Just because u had that GH metallica game, don't give them exclusive rights with activision. As u say there was that areosmith game and they are in this game and were in the original rocksmith also. The amount of roecord labels Metallica are tied up with atm is crazy. Everyone gotta get a cut u know.... The 2nd post summed it up imop :D
[I.R.] Dianetics 31 ott 2013, ore 18:43 
Saidin they have an exclusive agreement, do you know what that means?
Saidin550 31 ott 2013, ore 20:33 
Ofc i know what exclusive agreement means. But I dont know for sure if Metallica have one with activision. Do you? If so please link :D
[I.R.] Dianetics 31 ott 2013, ore 20:38 
First mention of an agreement with metallica and activsion is in a 2007 investors report from Activision. Since then no other video game publisher has done any promotion with them at all.
If you actually look Metallica has been liscenced for a variety of Activision products...Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD remake, COD Black Ops, they do live shows for Activision and the like.
Harmonix has talked previously about Metallica for Rockband and Rocksmith nothing has changed since then. We do not see Metallica at all in any properties outside of Activision.
The terms of the deal are not released publicly, but we assume the contracts is specific to gaming.
Saidin550 31 ott 2013, ore 20:40 
Think the last time they appeared for activision was for some COD release? Maybe the times up and we could be lucky enough to get them. Still if that was the case, woudn't UBI have to pay over the odds to get a single track?
[I.R.] Dianetics 31 ott 2013, ore 20:49 
If they have an exclusive agreement, then they could be banned from releasing for any competitor to Activision. Like I said the information is not available publicly, but earlier this year Harmonix tried to extend a contract with Metallica, and Harmonix basically said it was not possible.

There are large lists of bands for whom we will most likely never see here...

Metallica is on there, and explains most of what I have been saying. Take that with investors reports and Metallica schilling for Activision even though they have not produced games featuring them and the connection is pretty easy to see.

This is not to say we wont see them in the future, but I imagine it will probably be another 2-3 years. I hope I am wrong I would love to play some of their songs, but all signs point to not any time soon.
Saidin550 31 ott 2013, ore 21:01 
Nice link man, looks like activision have their hands on alot of good bands / artists. Totally forgot abour van halen... would love to see them in this. Wonder if activision will adopt the real guitar thang, as i dont see that plastic crap making a come back. ( or hope) I doubt it will happen, but i would love to see a more eccentric version of rocksmith, dueling the devil n ♥♥♥♥ ;) and ONLINE MP. This is great for what it is - a great tutorial for guitar and i pay homage to ubi soft for doing it. But would just love to see something more in the GH sense and centered around competitive / co-op play for us.
[I.R.] Dianetics 31 ott 2013, ore 21:06 
There is competetive play here actually.
The whole arcade section is, which includes Score Attacks for every song. Each song has 4 difficulty levels with separate leaderboards.
The mini-games like Scale Racers and String Skip Saloon also have leader boards.
Co-op music playing online though is probably out of the picture, this is due to latency, could you imagine trying to jam with someone and have 200-300ms latency?
Local co-op is available though.
Saidin550 31 ott 2013, ore 21:12 
Yeah competitive as in face to face live interaction u know. I like score attack n all but i just don't feel its enough not tried the arcade games yet. I used to do some online guitar lessons but that failed because of the lagg :D so i know all to well about the latency. But trust me they are close with this, i tested out this software called ejamming. Im no expert on how it works but its server based and does some funky stuff with the signal. Its not perfect but its close, think they are on to something.
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